How to get here

Regardless of your choice of transportation, it's easy to get here.

Public transportation

From Copenhagen Airport you can either 1) take the train to Malmö Central Station and then change to regional bus 100 or 2) take the train to Malmö Hyllie Station and then change to regional bus 300. Both have frequent departures and will take you from Malmö to Vellinge, Höllviken, or the Falsterbo Peninsula in 25-45 minutes. 

From Trelleborg Central Station you can take regional bus 146 north to Vellinge Ängar and then change (using the underpass beneath the motorway) to regional bus 100 or 300 heading south to continue to Höllviken or the Falsterbo Peninsula. Travelling from Trelleborg will take about 25-45 minutes.

All buses are cash-free, but on regional buses you can pay by card or with the Skånetrafiken app.   We recommend that you download the Skånetrafiken app from Google Play or the App store. Then you just need to register your cell phone number and your debit/credit card and you will be able to purchase tickets via the app.  

By car

Getting to Vellinge by car takes about 20 minutes from Malmö, 25 minutes from Copenhagen Airport and 25 minutes from Malmö Airport. Add another 10 minutes to get to Höllviken, and a further 15 minutes to get to Skanör-Falsterbo 


It's easy to get here by bike - and you get to enjoy the scenery and catch some fresh air on the way! We recommend that you try the South Coast Trail, Sydkustleden, from Malmö or Trelleborg. 

By boat

You can, of course, get here by boat as well. We have harbors in both Höllviken and Skanör.  If you come by ferry to Trelleborg, you can go by regional bus 146 to Vellinge and then change to regional bus 100 or 300 if you would like to continue to Höllviken or the Falsterbo Peninsula (see above).